Blind Drag-Car Racer To Let Loose In Westborough

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Blind drag-car racer Jay Blake will speak at Westborough's Porter and Chester Institute Tuesday night. Photo Credit:

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Jay Blake is a walking, talking success story, and the blind drag-car racer will tell his inspiring tale Tuesday night in Westborough. 

Blake, 46, will speak at Westborough's Porter and Chester institute, "discussing the power of positive thinking" and at the school's career day, according to a news release.

The drag racer, who plans to set a world record in 2013 as the first blind man to drive a car at more than 200 miles per hour, will share his personal experiences of overcoming a "personal tragedy" and achieving success. 

In 1997, while working as a head mechanic for a transportation company, Blake suffered an industrial accident resulting in his blindness, according to a news release. 

"Turning his dream into a reality, Jay combined his renewed participation in drag racing with his desire to spread his true-life success by inspiring others to accomplish their goals through the power of positive thinking, self-determination, and teamwork," said the release. 

The event will be held at the 129 Flanders Road campus in Westborough, and is free and open to the piublic. 

Blake will be accompanied by his racing team and his National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)-approved race car.

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