Westborough Supports Needs Next Door And Cancer Victims

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Left to right: Lisa Wagner, Christine Taylor and Karen Olson at Needs Next Door's fundraiser held at Westborough's Jenny Boston. Photo Credit: Jeff Nowak

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — When Lisa Wagner was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago, she said, she didn't reach out for support. 

When she relapsed in 2007, she decided to reach out to friends and family, the outpouring of support leading her to begin the Westborough charity Needs Next Door.

Its slogan: "No one should fight cancer alone." 

Wagner, along with her board of directors, ran Needs Next Door's second annual fundraiser Wednesday night at Jenny Boston Boutique in Westborough. 

Jenny Boston will reimburse the charity up to 25 percent of the night's income, based on the amount sold. 

"I want to be able to give back. It's my turn to give back," said Wagner, whose cancer is Stage 4. "We get to see people who are affected by cancer and they get to shop for a great cause." 

The charity, now in its second year, has been a success so far, said Wagner. Needs Next Door reaches out to community members fighting cancer, assisting them with services including cooking meals, grocery shopping, running errands and anything else necessary. 

"If someone needs a house cleaned, we'll contract that out — so the money made tonight would go to things like that," Wagner said Wednesday.

"It's been a great success." 

Christina Taylor and Karen Olson helped run the event, while fellow Board of Directors member Patti Bruno, Jenn Owen and Trish Jones helped organize it. 

The self-proclaimed Westborough "townies" have plans for further fundraisers, including a golf tournament. The next step in the charity's development, which is now in its second year, is to bring in volunteers. 

Wagner said she is hoping to bring in 20 to 30 volunteers who will be tasked with helping the charity by doing "whatever they're best suited for." 

It could be cooking, cleaning, driving — whatever is needed. 

"Some may want to clean houses, some may want to do laundry, some may want to help people travel," Wagner said. 

More information about volunteering can be found by emailing NeedsNextDoor@gmail.com or calling 508-439-9324.

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