McGovern Arrested During Protest in D.C.

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Photo Credit: McGovern Staff

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern was arrested Friday morning during a protest outside of the Sudanese embassy.

McGovern (D-Worcester), George Clooney and his father and several others were speaking out against the Bashir regime in the Sundan.

"President Bashir and the Sudanese government continue to bomb, kill, arrest, and rape their own people," McGovern wrote on his Facebook page before the protest. "They continue to block vital aid from getting to the Nuba Mountains---aid that would prevent a full fledged famine."

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Comments (23)

Whatever you do, Congressman, don't try to help the poorest, the weakest, the most vulnerable among us. Especially don't try to help if they are not Americans. Your reward will be heaps of ridicule.

Mr. PhotoOp. Bet he can't find Sudan on a map.
"Point, Jim. Nope, that's Idaho. Nope. Paris. But you're getting's not in your district, but if you lean any futher left, it will feel like Sudan."

Chris L., you sound reasonable but you are clearly unaware of the congressman's work on this issue over time. See today's news story.

As he and Clooney have pointed out, it is the beginning of the rainy season that adds new urgency and required quick, drastic action to get food and supplies in. If the publicity doesn't improve the situation, at least they tried.

What a freakish turn around from a few years ago. Now the answer is to stay home, pay attention to our own problems, keep our noses out of foreign affairs. One of the few members of congress who had the good sense to vote against going to war in Iraq based on lies, is criticized for trying to help starving people in the Sudan using the time-honored method of civil disobedience, completely peaceful and essentially cost-free.

We don't know yet if this has made a difference. It's only been a couple of days. The point is that other methods haven't worked and the nation is starving. I do want my congressman to care about this and to do what he can.

Hey, I'm not going to complain about him voting against the Iraq war. As for civil disobedience, our country was born because of that.

I just don't want everyone to start thinking that the only way to get attention is to get arrested or do something extreme--that should be a last resort. Our leaders need to demonstrate this.

Has it really reached the point where people need to get themselves arrested? I guess that's up to them to decide, but I believe the danger is in a leader setting the example that this is the only way or the easier way to get attention.

I hope for the Sudanese that this tactic has indeed worked, but I hope for our sake that it does not set a bad precedent where young people think they always have to go for the bigger attention grab instead of actually working to build support for their cause.

You're all talking about it and now more aware, so who wins here? Typical knee jerk conservatives. It's O.K. for the Tea Party to protest though, typicall hypocrite conservatives. And I especially like the guy who thinks any problem can be solved by drilling. O.K. Mr. Palin thats a well thought out position.

Yes, we are all talking... but not about the Sudan. Instead we're talking about Jim McGovern and George Clooney. Protesting is great and should be encouraged so long as it aims to stay civil.

The congressman and Clooney (along with other groups such as the occupiers) are setting a bad example for future political discord by believing that they need to break all the rules just to be heard. They are being heard, but what is this actually doing for their cause in the long run?

If protests continue to degrade going into the future, it is only a matter of time before the true cause is lost in a battle of "who can shout louder" or eventually even "who has the bigger weapon".

What change has he enacted, or humanitarian aid has he gotten to Sudan by doing this? I knew about Sudan before hand...but being an American who is strugling to make ends meet in this economy, with a family of 3 little ones myself...I have no money to make any difference in Sudan.

With a congressman doing this, the moths in my wallet have not been replaced with any dollar bills, even...and if I had any, it'd go to feeding my family, and making sure they were as healthy and safe as can be in our nation, before I would consider sending a little to the rest of the world.

So, other than debate over how much more efficiently he could bring more understanding, or awareness, about those in Sudan...what has he accomplished via this stunt?

It's in what you have accomplished, rather than the gossip and talk, that a person's effectiveness in social issues is measured by.

My two cents...

All you McGovern-bashers are right.... this has absolutely nothing to do with representing the people of Massachusetts. This has to do with representing the people of Sudan - a people who don't have the ability to represent themselves, and are faced with daily threats of rape, murder, starvation, etc.

Sure, there are better ways to protest and raise awareness than to get arrested, but I would bet that what Congresman McGovern has done is a whole lot more than any of you lazy, apathetic individuals have done. There's a lot wrong with this world - don't criticize someone else for taking a stand until you have taken a similar risk yourself.

He was elected to represent the people of Massachusetts and not the people of Sudan. We have enough problems here in the Commonwealth and the other 49 states that should be tackled before we start looking outside our country's borders.

Further, it's interesting and speaks volumes for Mr. McGovern that he followed some Hollywood-types to this protest. Why not protest against the government of Syria or Iran. Guess that wouldn't round up the paparazzi the same way Sudan does.

Another liberal speaking out on a topic that won't do much but detract from the problems within the borders of The United States of America.

The idea was to bring attention to a humanitarian crisis. They brought attention. I couldn't be prouder of my congressman. He has written and spoken about this issue tirelessly, as has George Clooney. If Clooney's star power and the congressman's clout were all it took to solve the problem, it would have been solved already.

He should concern himself with issues in the US, and stay out of foreign affairs!!

How embarrassing. As anyone over the age of 18 should already know, there are far better ways of making an impact and making your point heard than getting yourself arrested. Ashamed that this man "represents" me.

Then again, he never really has.

I'm not a fan of Jim Big McGovernment. That being said, I do respect this. The Sudan is among the worst human rights offenders in the world. They use forced starvation, rape and murder against their own citizens. When people like Congressman McGovern and George Clooney use their fame to point such atrocities out to the world, that's not a bad thing.

I'd still never vote for the Congressman, but this is a very noble undertaking.

Keep in mind though Congressman that if the US were allowed to drill and transport via pipeline more domestic and Canadian oil, the world wouldn't be so beholden to thugs like Iran, Venezuela and The Sudan.

Kick him to the curb. Tired of these Left-wing nut jobs like Looney Clooney and the rest. Fix OUR problems first before sending money elsewhere.

Give him 500 hours of community service

If politicians or celebs getting arrested for civil disobedience brings to light and saves one life in the Sudan, then good for them.

Tell the D.C. police they can hold him there for a while.

Bet he was out in less than an hour. lol
But, can we petition DC PD to do so next time? :)

"What has this got to dot with representing the people of central Massachusetts?"

We elected him to Congress. Of the United States of America. People's lives are being lost, en mass, in the Sudan in ways that would give you nightmares.

As Congressman, and representative of the people of Central Massachusetts, I would expect him not only to be well versed in foreign policy, but also to demonstrate leadership and the courage of his convictions.

Good for the Congressman.

Ed: For one, *you* may have voted for him...I, personally, did not choose him to represent me.

That being said...there's more *photo op* and *image booster* in this event, rather than actual display of compassion for the people of Sudan. Like a few people have said already on here: With their *star power,* there are much more efficient ways to bring about change in matters such as that, than public protests and getting arrested.

The people in the Sudan desparately need help, but I don't think a bunch of celebrities and congressmen getting themselves arrested is a very positive way of helping.
These guys have political and star power... don't you think they could just call in a few favors to get attention or promote their cause through other means? We don't send our reps down to DC to get arrested... it reflects poorly on our state.
There is a time and place where getting arrested through civil disobedience is noble. In this case, I believe it is unnecessary and foolish (especially for people who already have so much power and influence to do something positive).

What an idiot! Joe Moakley's coat holder! What has this got to dot with representing the people of central Massachusetts?