UPDATE: Westborough Outages Resolved; Driving Not Encouraged

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A small number of Westborough outages were reported to National Grid overnight.
A small number of Westborough outages were reported to National Grid overnight. Photo Credit: Jeff Nowak

UPDATE, 11 a.m. 

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Westborough Police are reporting that the single outage from the ongoing snowstorm has been resolved by National Grid. 

"Most roadways are passable but are very slippery," said Westborough Police on Facebook, urging that everyone stay off the roads unless for emergency travel. "The DPW will continue plowing and will salt and sand before they shut down major operations today."

UPDATE, 10 a.m.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — The small pocket of outages in Westborough has been reported to be on Southville Road on the border of Hopkinton. 

National Grid is currently assessing the situation, but no timetable has been establishes for the restoration of power. 

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — A small number of customers, less than five, in fact, may be waking up without power in Westborough Saturday morning. 

National Grid is reporting less that five outages for the 7,850 customers served, which are currently being assessed. No addresses were available for where the outages have occurred. 

Westborough is one of just three towns in Worcester County to currently have reported outages (Worcester >5, Webster 196). Throughout the state 555 outages have been reported, affecting a total of 165,959. 

The latest forecasts by the National Weather Service call for winds gusting between 22 to 28 MPH, along with an additional three to seven inches of snow throughout the day Saturday. Snow is expected to fall until about 3 p.m.

A high temperature of 23 degrees is predicted, with the wind chill making for a possible low -3 degrees. 

Check back with The Daily Voice throughout the day for further Blizzard 2013 and outage updates. 

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