Wanted: Farmhouse Suitable for Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

Do you know of a farmhouse that would be the perfect spot for a Tom Hanks movie?

Columbia Pictures is now scouting in the MetroWest area for a farmhouse to use as a location in the biopic "Captain Phillips," the true-life story of Capt. Richard Phillips, whose cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009.

Hanks is slated to play the title character. The movie company is looking for a farmhouse with lots of space for both exterior and interior scenes.

What spots in the area would you offer up for a Hollywood film?

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Comments (6)

The State provides real tax $ give backs to movie producers that shot a scene in the State. It's a real waste of taxpayer funds. The new republican governor of NJ did the math and did away with them.
Basically these movies are shot all over the country to vacuum up all the State grant $.
Hollywood should pay for their own production. All other companies do!
Just, another example of a democratic boondoggle.

Mr. Lamp, sir...I believe Gov Christie of NJ denied only one Hollywood production their tax break. That production was "Jersey Shore", which is an insult to anyone living anywhere, not just New Jersey citizens. Most Jerseyans will quickly point out that Suki and the rest are NOT from Jersey...they are all Nee Yawkers. Ugh. (Except for those who love seeing their old haunts: Seaside Heights and Seaside Park).

Waters Farm in Sutton; beautiful and historic and great PR for the National Park proposal.

how about the Addeo farm?

Only if they're doing a remake of Deliverance, another feel good story!

A farmhouse? How about a nice ranch house? The Grommit Ranch is near the center of town, up on a hill. Great location for Tom to be seen riding his horse. You can see all the way to Marlboro. And I have a spare bedroom. Geez...what a deal.