Westborough In Negotiations With State For Hospital Land

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The state-owned land used for the former state hospital may soon be purchased by Westborough. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Town Planner Jim Robbins says Westborough has received an offer from the state for the town to purchase of the land formerly used for the state hospital, a proposal that the town has  countered.

"There will probably be some time before there is a proposal in writing," Robbins said. 

The offer involved a purchase price for the land. The state hospital reuse committee will next travel to meet with Division of Capital Asset Management officials and gain a "potential understanding of how we proceed with the sale," Robbins said. 

The initial offer, Robbins said, did not give any reasoning for the price. He said that's why the town made a counteroffer. 

One ambitious proposal for the land was brought forth late in 2012 by developer Anton Nel, which would transform the area into a "smart film-making destination." 

"Hopefully, if we can get all these goals going, we can do something out there that's pretty neat for the town," Nel said in a presentation to the the Westborough Planning Board last December.

No action can be taken with the property in any fashion until Westborough comes to an agreement on terms with the state. 

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Enough already:

I just wonder why Nel has his sights on Westboro MA for his film studio. Of the hundreds and hundreds of towns, why Westboro? Before we get all giddy looking forward to Tom Cruise jumping on the sofas at Bernie and Phyls, seems to me we should pose that question and have it answered.


If those walls could talk.......spooky... Good luck to the new owners, if they get approved.