Westborough TransCanada Protesters To Be Arraigned Wednesday

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Scott Schaeffer-Duffy said he put his sign together 45 minutes before standing outside Westborough District Court Tuesday morning in support of the TransCanada protesters. Photo Credit: Jeff Nowak

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — The eight protesters arrested Monday following a sit-in at the TransCanada office in Westborough will be arraigned Wednesday, not Tuesday as initially indicated.  

Westborough District Court officials said the the court schedule dictated a Wednesday arraignment. 

Scott Schaeffer-Duffy of Worcester, who protested Tuesday outside the courthouse, said he is not affiliated with the protesters, but supports their cause. He threw together a sign and went to the courthouse to show his support after seeing the news about the arrests Tuesday.

"I'm with them 100 percent, and I hope that they ask for a jury trial in Worcester, because this is a jury issue," he said, noting that he and his wife had found themselves in similar situations after protesting nuclear weapons work in Westborough in the 1980s. 

After hearing the news that the arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday, he indicated he would return to continue his support. The eight protesters are all current students or graduates at several New England colleges. 

The protesters, who object to TransCanada's proposed pipeline to Nebraska, conducted their act of "civil disobedience" by chaining themselves by the waists and feet and super-gluing their hands together in the lobby of TransCanada's Northeast headquarters. Westborough Police, Fire Department and a local locksmith were able to extricate them from the building after three hours. 

The protesters were charged with disorderly person, disturbing the peace and trespassing. 

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Send the bills for for all this unlawful behavior to their parents. They could have been more effective citizens by picketing outside the business. Instead these kids took the low road.