Letter: Support Westborough Selectman Tim Dodd

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Jody and Lester Hensley have written in to express their support for incumbent Board of Selectmen member Tim Dodd in the upcoming town election. Photo Credit: File photo

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To the editor,

We’re supporting Tim Dodd for selectman in the upcoming town election. Tim has six years experience as a selectman, and is uniquely qualified to continue to help lead Westborough into the future.

Tim is third-generation Westborough and cares deeply about our community. He has experience with public service in Washington and Boston as well as in our own town. This gives him an informed perspective on how government programs work at all levels, and positions him to bring new ideas to the forefront.  

Tim has been the Selectmen’s liaison to the School Committee, investing his time to thoroughly understand the complexities of maintaining educational excellence in Westborough.

Tim’s priorities have included increasing communication among town boards and with the public, and protecting precious resources.

If you understand your tax bill better because of the pie charts included, Tim helped make that happen. He also wrote the policies to establish the first Town of Westborough Facebook page and Twitter account. 

If you’d like better options for bike and pedestrian traffic in Westborough, Tim devised the committee structure for that work.

Do you like the Westborough Farmers Market? Tim was a part of the committee that established it here. And he chaired the committee that developed Veterans Freedom Park too.

Tim proposed the idea and helped make Westborough the first town in the Commonwealth to allow veterans the opportunity to work off a portion of their tax bill.

This is the short list of Tim’s contributions to Westborough.

He’s smart. He’s devoted. And he works unselfishly on behalf of the citizens of our community.

I hope you’ll join us and come out and vote for Tim Dodd on March 5th.

Jody and Lester Hensley,

Westborough, Mass. 

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