Poll: Which Westborough Candidates Are You Supporting?

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Three candidates are running for two seats on the Westborough Board of Selectmen.
Three candidates are running for two seats on the Westborough Board of Selectmen.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — The Westborough Town Election will be held Tuesday.

Reader Results

Which two Westborough selectmen's candidates are you voting for?

  • Timothy Dodd and Leigh Emery

  • Timothy Dodd and Stephen Faris

  • Leigh Emery and Stephen Faris


Incumbent Selectmen Timothy Dodd and Leigh Emery are both running, as is challenger Stephen Faris. Three candidates, but only two seats. Take our poll and tell us who you're supporting.

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Comments (5)

Steve Faris and Timothy Dodd all the way. Alternatively clone Faris and I'll vote for him twice!

Seriously we need to have fiscal responsibility back in local government, Our tax base is decreasing, yet the spending continues to go up. No wonder why Westborough is one of the most expensive towns in Massachusetts to live in!

People complain all the time about their taxes and expenses.... now the time to vote with your feet......get out there and give Steve Faris your endorsement.

Thanks sjy. We are in the top 10 % of 351 Cities and Towns in Ma. Yet the Average House Hold Income is down 8% over 3 years. Its no wonder our citizens are feeling the crunch.
This election is about what we can afford as a town. Its your money and we need to understand what we get.

Steve Faris

Go back and read the candidates positions -

One thinks our taxes are too high
One thinks we could do a better job on budgets and spending
One thinks you don't understand what they are doing with your money and you need to be educated because it's the taxpayer that doesn't get it....

Time for a change at the top in town folks! Out with the old. Although Mr. Faris sometimes comes across as "extreme", he would add some balance and some voice for those of us unhappy with the current approach. If you think town government is "working well right now" ask yourself why the Board asks the School Committee for one number and they come back with a higher one. Also, watch Ms. Emery's body language and reactions to opposition at Town Meeting. It's clear she's on a different, less sympathetic page.

Thanks for the endorsement. We need to help our tax payers who are struggling to pay the high tax bills. I will be their voice.
The Town is planning to spend close to $20million on infrastructure improvements. Keep your eye on what that will mean for our tax rate.

Best to All,
Steve Faris