Shrewsbury Man Charged In Westborough, Auburn Jewel Thefts

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Sean Wogan of Shrewsbury faces charges in connection to robberies at jewelers in Westborough and Auburn.
Sean Wogan of Shrewsbury faces charges in connection to robberies at jewelers in Westborough and Auburn. Photo Credit: Westborough Police

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Shrewsbury Police arrested a man on Friday in connection with a robbery of a Westborough jewelry store.

Sean Wogan, 19, of 352 Grafton St. was to be arraigned in Westborough District Court Monday morning after being arrested on a warrant in connection to the Westborough robbery.

Wogan faces additional charges for an incident at Kay Jewelers in Auburn, in which he is alleged to have taken a gold bracelet.

According to police, on Thursday, Feb. 28, a man snatched two rings from the hand of the owner of Town and Country Jewelers  at West Meadow Plaza on Milk Street in Westborough.

The store owner was able to get the license plate number of the Mercury Mountaineer in which the suspect fled. That vehicle was found to be registered to a Leicester resident.

The rings were later sold at a jewelry store in Shrewsbury and recovered by police. They were valued at $1,000 and $300.

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Comments (9)

This is not just about teenagers. There is a great miss-content with poverty imbalance and a get rich quick with no work done in between.

Drawing from my Facebook page about drivers, not cars. People make the difference in every other person's lives.

We are choosing to commit these atrocious acts, then hide behind rule of law and right to bear arms, when clearly the gun is used mostly to rob other people of their hard day's earning.

What is happening to teenagers lately? I'm glad he got caught but at the same time sad because he is too young. I hope his stay in prison would teach him a lesson.

I actually know this person. Although he did actually commit the crime and yes it was very stupid the articles posted on here are not 100 percent accurate. I also know one of the other people in one of the stories and the whole story is false it said he fled to florida when i know for a facy he went to the worcester court and asked permission to go to florida because his mother is very sick and he was given permission to go. Yhe reason he had warrents was.because the probation dept in worcester "lost" the records of him paying his fees which he did and had reciepts to prove so it was all dismissed he didnt leave with his.friend.from the.funeral he was.witb.his mother and.father and the only reason they knew he was here is bbecause his dad is good friends with alot of the cops and told them hed be there and as far as facebook it was def not posted on there and if it.were im sure that his profile would be set to private and im sure he wouldbt be friends with cops on his facebook. Anyways my point being is that the LPD fabricates stories to make them.selves seem less crooked than the whole system is. Everything i just said is.based on facts and feel free to look into it. But when tou see posts on here dont believe everything u see. Cops odviously arent gonna.make.themselves look.bad. I know them all and aent to school with alot of them and they were probably the the biggest trouble makers and now they supposively protec and.serve i dont and wouldnt trust my life in their hands

Congrats PERP, you are now enshrined forever...this site may never go down. Your the face of a SHS grad who has gone on to greener pastures. Don't drop the soap.

yes cuz the internet will never go away and so many people come here for their news? an who says perp, are you a cop or sad fat man?

He looks like a vampire from Twilight

May I hope for his rehabilitation to actually work, and not get tied into a life of crime and deception. John 3:11

The sad last face to be posted and remembered as the last PERP to be strung up by the short hair's. Good job and congratulations on a life time of court, and probation --- Wow, here is what SHS grads do.

Mighty fine looking citizen. I suppose if you ask his folks they would tell you that he's turning his life around. LOL.