Westborough Monoxide, Domestic Calls Spike During Storm

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Throwing snow back into the road in Westborough could result in a $100 citation. Photo Credit: Kelly Gannon

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — While outages and damages were largely avoided from last weekend's storm, a number of incidents did draw concern from Westborough police and fire departments. 

Police Chief Alan Gordon attributed the number of domestic incidents called in to "cabin fever," while fire chief Nick Perron said the number of carbon monoxide issues was due to blocked vents. 

"Carbon monoxide kills very quickly," Perron said, noting there were five calls with carbon monoxide concerns. "They call it the silent killer and that was a major problem." 

Perron said it is important for homeowners to be cognizant of where exhaust vents are located on the house. Westborough building code dictates all vents must be a minimum of 3 feet from the ground and marked. 

Along with domestic incidents, Gordon noted several complaints about residents throwing snow into the road from driveways. He said this is against the law, and could result in a ticket of up to $100. 

This includes snowblowers and plows leaving snow in roadways.

"You really don't want to whack someone with a $100 fine," Gordon said, "but you're going to have to do it at some point to get the message across."

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