School Committee To Support MASC Gun Policy Statement

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The Westborough School Committee voted to support an open letter from the MASC regarding gun control. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — The Westborough School Committee has voted to sign onto the Massachusetts Association of School Committees' (MASC) recent position statement on gun control. 

"I think that it would make sense for the Westborough School Committee to add our voice in support of the MASC on this issue," committee Chair Ilyse Levine-Kanji said. 

The statement, which was distributed by the MASC, took a stance on the sales of "military-style assault rifles" and "high-capacity magazines." The letter also called for criminal background checks of gun buyers. 

Levine-Kanji noted the statement was intended to lobby for federal legislation, as Massachusetts already has a ban on assault weapons.

The statement, read to the board by Levine-Kanji, also challenges statements put out by the National Rifle Association.

"The Westborough School Committee urges the rejection the NRA's assertion that staffing schools with armed security personnel is the most effective strategy for protecting our children," read Levine-Kanji. 

The board voted unanimously to support the statement, but committee member Bruce Tretter said he would like to see the statement strengthened. He said he found it be "loosely styled." 

"[The statement] gives the association of school committees something to lobby legislators," Tretter said. "But, man, I would love to see something that actually has some power behind it."

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