No Refs Means No Game For Westborough Boys Basketball

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Fans lined up to get their refunds after the Westborough-Algonquin boys basketball game was canceled Wednesday because of a lack of referees. Photo Credit: Jeff Nowak

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Both teams were warmed up, and Westborough and Algonquin fans were ready to cheer, but an unexpected announcement put an end to all that.

No refs. 

"All I know is both teams are ready to go, and no refs are here," said Westborough coach Brian Willar.

After being told they would receive refunds, the fans went quiet, as if waiting for a "just kidding" that wouldn't come.

They then walked down from the stands, muttering about baby sitters and whether it was some kind of joke. They lined up again at the entrance, this time to get back the admission fee.

Westborough Athletic Director Johanna DiCarlo said she wasn't sure how it happened, but the game wasn't listed in the system that scheduled referees.

There were referees for the freshmen and junior varsity games preceding the varsity tilt between the rivaling boroughs.

"I could've sworn that I looked last Friday and we had officials assigned. I don't know if the game got deleted somehow from the assigner," DiCarlo said. "Somehow, some way, there was a mistake made."

The game has been rescheduled for Feb. 24.

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